Weekly Announcements
October 19-25, 2020

Mt. Zion

Everyone is welcome here - welcome to worship; welcome to participate in the life of our parish;
welcome to become part of our community.

My Pastoral Ministry includes the privilege of calling in hospitals and homes. 
If you are going to be hospitalized - or know someone who is - or someone 
who just needs a visit, please let me know. Thank You. Pastor Tim

October 19th


9:00am - 11:30am
11:30am - 1:00pm


Crafting Group
Bag Lunch and Learn
Worship Service with the Rite of Confirmation
Sunday School

Covid-19 Worship Update-Worship Continues!

Dear Members and friends of Mt. Zion,

September 6th was the first time we had gathered for worship after six long months, but we are back. But in order to make sure our worship continues to be safe and healthy, the following changes are in place:

  • In the narthex a table has been set up to hold masks, hand sanitizer, bulletins and offering plates.
  • Because we have been directed by AHS to avoid the singing of hymns and of liturgy these expressions of worship will be spoken while hymns will be posted as they have been.
  • Holy Communion will be continuous; recipients will come forward down the central aisle respecting social distancing and leave down the side aisles.
  • Those wishing hymnals will be provided them, then stored in freezer bags with individual names included to allow re-use of same hymnal.
  • Should numbers require, seating will be provided in the library, hall, and choir loft in order to maintain social distancing.
  • Our worship service is also being live streamed.

Please keep our parish in your prayers as we move forward. Welcome back folks!

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Tim Posyluzny

Congratulations! Borst family at the birth of David Ulysses John.

Please keep parents Stephen and Bethany and big sister Marybeth in your prayers as the begin this new chapter in their family.

It's Helpful and Convenient: Pre authorized Debit (PAD) Agreement

We are now able to support Mt. Zion through monthly donation. We have a printed agreement to fill in, both attached and on the table in the narthex.

The debit will be processed to your account on the 20th day of each month or the next business day. Please print clearly and legibly using black/blue ink.

Thank you very much!

For more information please contact Donna Chanasyk at
(780) 455-3562

Thank You Volunteers

  • To Kristen for serving as liturgist.
  • To this month's counters- and all the women and men who are working behind the scenes keeping the parish running, maintained and clean, your efforts are appreciated.
  • To Donna Foerster for placing flowers in our sanctuary.

And Thank You Staff

  • To Beryl & Danny for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • To Stephen Borst for faithfully uploading our worship service.
  • To Sabine Kosche for her administrative skills.

Mundare Sausage Fund Raiser

Dear Members and Friends of Mt. Zion,
As you know, the roof on Mt. Zion is in desperate need of repair. The estimated cost of this work is $125,000. Prior contributions have been received, but we need additional help to reduce the financial debt. For this reason, we have planned a "Mundare Sausage Fundraiser" to help us to reach our financial goals. Every contribution counts and so we ask you to approach as many friends and family as you can.

Your generosity will help us repair our roof, and thereby to preserve an important asset to our community.Please find attached the fundraiser order form for you to fill in. Forms and money need to be collected before Wednesday, October 28, 2020.

If you have any questions please send an email to Michelle Kendrick at: kendrickmichelle4@gmail.com or call (780) 905 0772.

Thank you for your continued support!

Giving Thanks with Reverse Offering:

Thank you for participating and bringing food items to help the hungry living in our community.


For a list of congregations and worshiping communities that are live-streaming or providing other resources that may be helpful during this time of intentional social distancing, go to: https://elcic.ca/publichealth/livestreaming.cfm

From the Suggestion Box:

Question: Does Mt. Zion have a prayer chain?

Response: While members do pray for each other and those requesting prayer are included in our "Prayers of the people/intercessory prayer" each Sunday morning, at this time we do not have a prayer chain. Your question will be brought to council. Thank you.

Thanksgiving Offering:

This year's Thanksgiving offering will be forwarded to the Edmonton Food Bank. Thank you for your support!

Bag Lunch & Learn:

Lunch and Learn (except "it's Bag Lunch") continues on Thursday at 11:30 am. Everyone is welcome!