Weekly Announcements
August 9 - August 16, 2020

Mt. Zion

Everyone is welcome here - welcome to worship; welcome to participate in the life of our parish;
welcome to become part of our community.

My Pastoral Ministry includes the privilege of calling in hospitals and homes. 
If you are going to be hospitalized - or know someone who is - or someone 
who just needs a visit, please let me know. Thank You. Pastor Tim


9:00am - 11:30am

Crafting Group

Pastor's Hours during Pandemic

Pastor's hours have returned to normal: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Drop by (we will keep Covid-19 protocols) or visit by telephone or e-mail.

God grant your health and hope.

We have been Nominated for Front Yards in Bloom!!

The Front Yards in Bloom program partners (The Edmonton Horticultural Society, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and the City of Edmonton.) offered us their thanks for our contributions in:

  • Bringing communities together;
  • Encouraging Edmontonians to get outside;
  • And bringing color and fun to our public space.

Thank you to Beryl Cousins and Danny Gunn-Fowlie for maintaining our flower beds, to Darrel Runka for arranging and directing yard maintenance, to Stephen and Bethany Borst for hedge trimming, and to all who work behind the scenes. A well-kept yard also communicates a caring and inviting community.

Thank You Volunteers

  • To Kristin Lapierre for serving as liturgist.
  • To Betty Sandahl and Pastor Tim for helping pack Bissell lunches
  • To this month's counters- and all the women and men who are working behind the scenes keeping the parish running, maintained and clean, your efforts are appreciated.
  • To Gary Millang for liaising with our renters.
  • To Darrel Runka for handling roofing matters.
  • To Donna Foerster for placing flowers in our sanctuary.
  • To Tera Harrison for changing our altar hangings.
  • To Sarah Roy and Stephen Borst for musical accompaniment.

And Thank You Staff

  • To Beryl & Danny for weeding and digging up the flowerbeds, making them representative of our caring congregation.
  • To Stephen Borst for faithfully uploading our worship service.
  • To Sabine Kosche for her administrative skills.

COVID-19 Worship Update

Dear Members and friends of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church,

The question has been asked, "When will our congregation resume public worship as well as other parish activities?" And we have a response! Our hope is to celebrate public worship once again beginning on Sunday, September 6th. Our re-launch committee is meeting on Wednesday, July 29th to confirm this date. Our crafting group is gathering each Thursday between 9:00 and 11:30 am, enacting all the necessary protocols. Men's Breakfast is tentatively scheduled to resume on Saturday, September 5th at Ricky's at

9:30 am.

Once a firm return date has been established it will be announced via

E-mail and Canada post; until then we will continue to worship on line.

God blessings on you all.

Yours in Christ

Pastor Tim Posyluzny

Sabine Kosche

Our office administrator, is away on a much deserved vacation. She returns Tuesday, August 11th.

Online Sermons 
Mt. Zion is uploading the sermons and special services to YouTube.
Check YouTube go to Mt. Zion Lutheran Church Edmonton -hit search, scroll down for sermons or check out our channel by searching "Mt. Zion Edmonton"



For a list of congregations and worshiping communities that are live-streaming or providing other resources that may be helpful during this time of intentional social distancing, go to: https://elcic.ca/publichealth/livestreaming.cfm