Council Minutes


  • It was suggested to council that we have a digital camera in the office to use for pictures for "Tidings" as they are historical records and sometimes the quality of the pictures are not very good. Council agreed and Ed Jobs purchased the camera and brought to church. It is kept in the Administrative Assistant's office.
  • Menu for the 65th Anniversary (April 26, 2020) has been decided: Italian Roasted Chicken and 2 salads. Caterer is: "A Cappella Catering" We also require three more tables and Property Management will look after purchasing.
  • During Lent we will be using the ELW (Cranberry) hymnal and Easter we will be using "With One Voice"
  • Our Church was contacted asking for a possibility of hosting a 27-week, 12-step "Freedom Session" Course. There was discussion regarding this, however, Council declines as we feel this program is too lengthy.
  • A question was brought forward asking if our church would consider setting up an automatic withdrawal/deposit for donations. We are investigating further and will discuss at the February council meeting.
  • Confirmation class will be having a sleep-over at the church in early May.
  • A suggestion was made to sing hymns during communion. Council discussed and decided not to go this route as communion time frame is so short.
  • Request made for name tags for congregation. We are ordering Lanyards and will print the names of all members at the church to place inside.