In the early 1950's Westmount was a developing area in Edmonton. Dr. George Evenson, then Pastor of Central Lutheran Church and the Canadian Member of the Board of Home Missions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, was advised of a massive residential development taking place west of the municipal airport. He called on the city planner to determine what areas were set aside for churches, and reserved the site where Mount Zion is now located.

Dr. Evenson reported his findings to Dr. Mars Dale, President of the Canada District and Dr. P Dybvig, Executive Director of the Board of Home Missions. They came to Edmonton to evaluate the proposal that a new mission be placed here. The fall 1953 meeting of the Board approved in principle a decision to build the church as one of the 1954 projects. However, in the spring of 1954 the mission budget was cut back and the Edmonton mission was one of several projects dropped. A new method of funding the projects was proposed, that well-established congregations be asked to sponsor approved missions. Dr. Evenson suggested that his home congregation, Lake Sinai Lutheran Church in South Dakota be approached. The congregation voted against it, but six members of the congregation-IverErickson, Edward Evenson, Arnt Hope, Albert Negstad, Peter Peterson, and Osborne Stime--put mortgages on their farms to loan $65,000 for the new mission. The lots were purchased and a new mission established. Conrad Lund was the first Pastor. Services were first held in the Inglewood School, beginning December 12, 1954.

A parsonage was built and was dedicated February 20, 1955. April 24, 1955 the congregation was organized, with 73 charter members, and the ground was broke for the church building. The cornerstone of the church was laid December 11, 1955 and the first service was held in the sanctuary that day. The church was dedicated September 23, 1956. 

Growth was rapid as programs-Sunday School, Confirmation class, Youth Group, Women's Group, Choir, Day Kindergarten, Cubs and Scouts, Dew Drop In---were added. By 1960 there were 500 members and 2 worship services per Sunday were started (till 1968). A parish worker, Anita (Wolter) Yont, was called. By the 10th Anniversary in 1965 there were 700 members. Mount Zion sponsored a new parish in St. Albert, to which 35 members transferred in 1966.

In 1980 the debt was completely paid off and at the worship service commemorating the 25th Anniversary there was a mortgage burning ceremony. On the same day ground was broken for a new two-storey Education/Fellowship wing, estimated to cost $200,000.00. The new wing contained Sunday School rooms, a multi-purpose lounge, a remodeled kitchen and washrooms. Almost half of the cost was raised through member contributions. Sale of the parsonage helped to pay down considerable more of the debt. The remainder was financed by debentures, which were all redeemed.
Mount Zion has been served by 13 pastors---Conrad Lund 1954-1957, Lawrence Likness 1957-1962, Roger Nostbakken 1963-1965, Phil Jorgensen 1965-1972, George Strand 1971-
1972 Russ Lemke 1972-1984, Cliff Nelson 1984-1987, Don Olsen 1987-1995, Darryl Roste 1995-2010, Judy Jarvis 2011-2012, Charlotte Strecker 2012 to 2015, and Tim Pozyluzny 2015-2021.
Under the supervision of Pastor Don Olsen Mount Zion had the services of 4 intern pastors, serving for one year each---Karl Johnsen, Paul Weatherington, Jeff Christiansen, and Lenise Michalow-from1990 to 1994. Darryl Roste supervised Jane Zinken from 1999-2000.
In 1996 Mount Zion initiated a Health Ministry Program. Evelyne Forbes, RN, served as Parish Nurse until 2002. Julie Hink, RN, served as Parish Nurse/Deaconess 2003-2006.
In 1974 Mount Zion became one of the founding members of the Westmount Christian Council, along with Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, and United Churches.
Mount Zion has actively participated in several adult education programs---The Bethel Series, Search, and Word and Witness.
Mount Zion has sponsored or assisted several groups of refugees. Once a year it serves lunch for the Inner City Pastoral Mission at the Bissell Centre.
Mount Zion continues to be blessed with good leadership, fine facilities and a strong core of volunteers.

Updated May 2021 by Dr. Len Evenson